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Unlock Your Leadership Greatness for Outstanding Results

Distinguished Motivational Speaker

Speaking Engagements


Through leadership and diversity oriented speaking engagements, Orlando Ceaser will work to create or customize presentations to meet the needs of your organization. The focus is to inspire people to Unlock their Leadership Greatness to improve personal results, their surroundings, and the goals of their organizations.

Organization climate change is also addressed as he tackles global warming in the workplace through Unlocking the Secrets of Ozone Leadership. His presentation style involves humor, pragmatic suggestions and time tested strategies to excite and challenge people to higher levels of engagement, inclusion and creativity. View Profile

Training Workshops


Workshops are tailored to meet the needs of each unique client. Whether you’re looking to increase engagement levels, sales or productivity goals, or to motivate your staff or inspire students, the team will put together a unique presentation help you accomplish your objectives. Helping to Unlock the Leadership Greatness within workshop participants, through Unlocking the Secrets of Ozone Leadership will enable them to making better decisions through utilizing the Know System™ to achieve excellence and goal achievement.
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Professional consultant and executive coach for Unlimited Performance Training, Inc 

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Our Story

Orlando Ceaser is a successful leader and motivational speaker. Orlando Ceaser promote his vision of excellence and reaching human potential through professional speaking, workshops, webinars, coaching, books, CDs, posters, and other resources. Orlando and his team create solutions to problems and their presentations are animated, colorful, and entertaining, with cartoons to address issues in the workplace and the challenges faced by youth. Over more than 30 years, they have earned a great deal of experience with both work and working with audiences, and now share that experience with others to improve their skillset and their work life. Orlando and the team are dedicated to educating, entertaining, and inspiring people to unlock their leadership greatness to achieve outstanding results.

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