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Training & Speaking Engagements

Orlando Ceaser, in South Barrington, Illinois, is available to provide leadership training and speaking engagements. These engagements and training seminars can cover:

  • Keynotes & Workshop Facilitation
  • Sales & Leadership Training
  • Diversity & Inclusion Programs
  • University & College Orientation
  • Corporate & Community Meetings
  • Elementary & High School Events
  • Church Functions

Orlando Ceaser Speaking

Unlock the Secrets of Ozone Leadership

Ozone Leaders Make Better Leaders

Explore the five keys of Ozone Leadership®, which apply to The Ozone Leader and The Ozone Leadership® Parent suite of products. The principles are Protective, Selective, Corrective, Effective, and Directive. They are necessarty attributes of the The Epic Leader. Join Orlando as he walks you through a fable applying leadership principles to a leader cited as a performance problem, due to a toxic work environment. You will discuss the value of the right culture and its impact on your team, orgainzation and family.

 Unlock Your Leadership Greatness

Developing Stronger Leaders

Here, you’ll learn the keys to become an impact player, game-changer, and difference-maker. This leadership training module helps you fit the role, powered by a dream, and become a student of the game while you master the fundamentals, sets higher standards, and learn to always be creative, execute with passion, and lead by example while making others better and serving them. You’ll also learn to make better decisions, as featured in the book The Isle of Knowledge.
Unlock Your Leadership Greatness for Students

Stronger Leadership in College Students 

Students will learn leadership principles in a forum adapted for their academic life, fully interactive and relevant to the course work and life after school. This presentation focuses on decision making, interviewing, diversity and inclusion, networking, motivation, creativity, emotional intelligence, influencing behavior and working in teams. They will be inspired to unlock their leadership greatness and positively impact the world.

Unlock Your Leadership Greatness to Achieve Your Goals


How to Solve Problems and Make Better Decisions (The Know System™)

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