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Training Workshops

Orlando Ceaser produces and delivers workshops for clients worldwide, including businesses, small, and large, corporations, colleges, universities, high schools and religious institutions. The workshops are PowerPoint™ driven and highly interactive since people learn more in an interactive, experientially based environment. Participants will develop an action plan to implement strategies in the workplace or the areas where change is required.


Your staff or student body will develop new skills and grow themselves in different areas, allowing them to benefit the team as a whole, and to serve your customers. Orlando has helped people work toward their goals and has worked as the Senior Director of Diversity for a 12,000-member organization, as well as numerous capacities in sales leadership and training. This allows for the skills necessary to work with diverse groups and develop effective leadership workshops based on real experience. You’ll see benefits such as higher engagement and productivity, thanks to Orlando’s background, experience, exposure, and understanding of the challenges.

Orlando Ceaser Teaching a Class


Unlock Your Diversity Greatness

Unlock Your Diversity Greatness

Points covered:
How to create a more inclusive workplace? Unconscious bias and how to identify and address. Identify the uniqueness found in each of us, applying inclusion techniques to extract the value in our differences and distinctions. An evaluation of unconscious biases, micro aggressions and micro inequities to remove barriers from our interactions. How to capitalize on our distinctions to create a more inclusive, innovative environment, leading to greater productivity, creativity and results.

  • Explore the 10 areas of Arrival Skills, where people bring their whole selves to work
  • Interactive session to share and develop a personal model to reflect daily on their interactions with others, based on individual distinctions
  • Develop an action plan with business applications to achieve their goals
  • Defining Diversity and Inclusion, and the role of micro-messages on climate and personal acceptance and respect
  • The business case and challenges in cultural climate change
  • Examine The Know System™ which is an interactive model for problem-solving and decision-making

A Journey of Inspiration and Discovery

Powerful Problem Solving & Decision-Making

Points covered:
“The Know System™” a powerful decision-making, problem-solving and coaching model featured in the book, "The Isle of Knowledge. It is derived from 11 words that can be found in the word Know. (Principles are consistent with many practices such as time management, problem-solving, career planning, building stronger relationships, coaching and mentoring, change management, situational leadership and other decision-making models)

  • Attendees develop an Action Plan (checklist) and complete a Powerful Decision Making Tool to guide their thinking
  • Explore the concept of improving awareness through observation, information, interpretation, applications and implementation
  • Improve insight from using everyday triggers to stimulate creative thinking
  • Suggestions from their peers to improve their decision-making

Unlock the Secrets of Ozone Leadership

The Ozone Leader - Creating the Tactics for Tough Times

Points covered:
The 5 key attributes of the Ozone Leader are explored: protective, selective, corrective, effective and directive in their interactions with individuals and teams

Influence organizational climate change through addressing global warming in the workplace

Create an early warning system to strategically anticipate problems in strategy and execution

Review the acid rain of negativity and its destructive nature within a team

Apply the fable and extract and apply leadership principles by examining a leader cited as a performance problem due to a toxic work environment

Examine 8 ways a leader may alienate and frustrate their people

Unlock Your Leadership Greatness

How to Be Your Best Leader

Points covered:
Keys to becoming an Impact Player, a game changer, and difference maker - Fit for the role, powered by a dream, a student of the game, mastering the fundamentals, setting high standards, always being creative, executing with passion, leading by example, making others better and serving others

Making better decisions – utilizing The Know System™ featured in his book “The Isle of Knowledge

The Possibility Pyramid - Exploring Why, What Will it Take, What If, Why Not & What Else? i leading a strong team and developing your people

Determine your unique qualities and realizing that uniqueness is not a weakness. Improve self-awareness of vital skills, talents, and distinctions. - Blending into the current environment when you have positional power and influence or the environment is safe to express your gifts. Breakout in all of their glory and greatness when the organization shows it can appreciate your difference by encouraging, recognizing and rewarding your input

Micro-messages and their impact on engagement, innovation, and productivity

Leadership Greatness for Students

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders 

Points covered:
Students will learn better decision making and leadership principles for their academic life, personal achievement and preparation for the world of work

Students will discuss the role of leadership in every discipline to help in school and the workplace

Leadership, accountability, and personal responsibility will address working to achieve their dreams and prepare them for higher education and the world of work

They will discuss and role play matters on positive and negative interactions and how to handle intimidation through effective influence strategies

 Student Leadership Series (4 X 75 minute sessions)

Workshop 1 - Developing Student Leaders

• Defining Leadership
• Identifying Heroes
• Leadership Expectations
• Understanding Competition

Workshop 2 - Powerful Decision Making

• Discuss Dreams and Goals
• Personal Success Strategy
• Survival Skills
• The Know System™ for Problem Solving and Decision Making

Workshop 3 – How to be an Impact Player

• Self Evaluation
• Becoming an Impact Player
• 10 Guideposts to Greatness
• Hobbies are the New Hustle

Workshop 4 – The Art of Saying No

• Leadership Lessons from Athletics
• Plan A & Plan B...
• Learning to Say No with Conviction/Depth
• Leadership Action Planning

Other Resources

Orlando blog on leadership is The “O” Zone Blog. He has an assessment of The Impact Player which measures individuals against the attributes of high performers. He also developed a Micro-messages Questionnaire which enables individuals and their managers to determine whether they are sending positive and negative micro-messages which could affect performance. Leadership Collection is a CD comprised of motivational poetry set to music and read by the author.

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